April 2019, Pevensey Beach, East Sussex.

Prave jsem je vyzvedla z tydenniho tabora (PGL) kde meli hromady (povinnych) sportovnich aktivit kazdy den a nesli to (hlavne Roxy, free spirit), pomerne tezce, takze byli hrozne radi ze me zase vidi.

Brzo budou mit narozeniny, za par tydnu bude Roxy 9 a Samuelovi 12. Budou mit tyden volna ze skoly, vloni jsme byli touhle dobou na Azorech, Roxy se tam chtela vratit, ale na to nejsou penize, bud se podivame nekam bliz (Spanelsko), nebo budem doma a na zahrade, grilovacky, kamaradi, maly vylety… Uvidime.

Books, books, books

I was originally just passing by the Waterstones bookshop. I was early for my first lesson at the uni, and drizzling rain outside made me to enter the warm and colourful interior and I started to admire the book covers and opening some of the books, having a peek inside. Wondering through the store is especially awarding if you discover there is an upstairs in this little Greenwich gem of a house, that you can easily get lost in, and a hidden Cafe in the corner with comfy sofas and great views. 

Some twenty minutes later I could be seen at the cashier downstairs paying whats half of my daily wages for those four beauties:

One is a Christmas present for Samuel (it comes handy to know how to survive, right?), although he’s currently into Harry Potter. The rest is mine.

Yes we do have an access to a large and well-equipped library at uni but I just wanted to have those, they are beautifully done. The plan obviously is to read them too! (at some point) 😉