About me

Who am I?

Well I guess you have to find that for yourself.

But here is few images to help you…


This is where I come from. This place is often coming back to me in my dreams.

pred bourkou2

Could you ever get enough of this?


Braník “under construction” (2001)


Braník, moving to the building site & celebrating with champagne  (2001)


Jičín, kolej v jednom kole. Nezávislý festival na opuštěné jezuitské koleji (2002). Zrovna necepuju pivo…


Mělník, chřestová brigáda, Obdobi tesne po Indii.


trochu CADu… Praha. Prede mnou na nastence plakat WINDOWS z Grabstejna.


Období modrejch vlasů (sort of) a Vítek. Hartvíkovice (2002)


Irsko, Ring of Kerry (2004)


Camden, London, with Dominik a Mikuláš, foto by Michael (2005)


With children and friends in London (2014)


London Punk festival, foto by Petra Figueroa, June 2016

2015 pink

2019…pink and happy

These are random images, they don’t intend to document any milestones but this is how the time went, in short.

Writing blog is form of therapy, enables me to self-reflect on things, put my thoughts together, and also serves as an “external memory” because I like things nicely organized and here I was able to find them instantly.

Little mementos from different stages of life. A very ordinary life, but exciting and amazing at the same time!

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