Good bye card

Tak F. koupil vcera letenky a R. se se mnou uz dnes louci.



“Dear mum this is for you because you are really nice and I will miss you when I go to Africa ❤️”.


Tak aspon budu mit tuhle okatou kocicku. Misto ty svoji.

Dva tejdny!!!! 😳

Upcycled Vintage Sideboard Cabinet

Resourced from the freecycle, this cabinet, sturdy and charming, had badly damaged veneer on the cupboard doors and drawers. I went through a process of filling the holes, sanding down the filler and hand painting the surfaces. I have choosed a contrast colours of dark blue and lime green, there are two coats on a undercoat and repositioned original handles. The top is treated with oil based varnish for worktops.

B4and After

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