PF 2017

Mili pratele,
Moje pfko je cukr moucka z prave sezraneho lineckeho a asociuje prach ktery jsme a v ktery se obratime.
A nebo taky moudro “jednu chvili to mas a druhou uz ne”… (coz se da vztahnout na cokoliv, nejen linecke cukrovi)
takze si vazme toho pomijiveho, docasneho, nedokonaleho a krasneho  TED
Dear friends,
My New Year card contains icing sugar from currently eaten cookies, and asociates a dust, which we are and in which we turn into. Or a simple wisdom of ” one moment you have it, the next one it’s gone” (whatever it is)
so lets appreciate the ever so unstable, temporary, imperfect and beautiful NOW
xx Pavla