Samuel (13)

Sami you are growing into an extraordinary young man. I know you will be increasingly annoyed by me trying to influence you, but its absolutely fine. I’ll keep trying, maybe just for next few years and soon you’ll be ready to enter the adulthood. I think you are doing brilliantly so far. I love your calmness, its good contrast to Roxy’s craziness. We make a good team! And I love the fact that you have a good relationship with your dad, it means a world to me, keep it up.

Thanks for killing all the spiders at home and being a man in the house! Thanks for your independence and efforts with home learning, I know its not easy. I keep wondering what growing up in this part of London means to you, what memories will you have when you grow up, because mine are beautiful and wonderful and I fear that life here can’t offer you as much as growing up in Czech countryside, the freedom to discover, the games we played. I sometimes worry about the influence of digital word and social media and the pressure you might be under. I hope we manage to keep healthy balance and good outlook at life as I think we have right now.


I love you Samuel!

Happy Birthday x


(PS: sorry we couldn’t have a party like last year because of the lockdown but I’ll make it up to you)

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