You’re 6 today


My dear Roxy!

I can’t believe you are six already! And yet, sometimes it feels you’re actually older and wiser then me when you’re advocating for your brother and smoothing things up. I love you so much my darling, I don’t know what I would do without you.

I’m sorry I haven’t been always there for you. I’m sorry I spend so much time doing homework with Samuel and then just check yours quickly because you just go and do things without saying. I’m sorry that I sometimes raise my voice up without investigating what was going on, only to find out you were just playing. I’m sorry for you having to go through my marriage breakdown at such a young age and witness our arguments with daddy, believe me I wanted to spare you those! We both love you very, very much and that won’t change. You know I keep saying that, and I will continue saying that because it’s true. Sorry I couldn’t make things work but I promise I tried.

I miss you terribly each weekend when you’re with him, like now, but I know you’re having wonderful time.

Thank you for being so patient with me, so loving and caring. I want to make you happy, like you make me happy, and proud, each time I look at you. You brighten my days with your smile, I see Hope in your eyes. You give me reason to be here, you make me better person. Thank you for coming to my life.

Happy Birthday my baby!

I love you.

4 thoughts on “You’re 6 today

  1. Hello,
    for first i wish happy birthday and long happy life for your childern….
    I am there very long time like silent reader,almost 10 years…wow… I love your blog even you changed side and leave this virtual world… I understand it ;-)
    But when i read your lines for your babys i was crying… You are perfect mom !!!
    I am so sorry for broken family….i am soooo sad… I can not imagine what happen there….
    It seems perfect and you was my ideal…sometime i little teach from you be better in relationship with African man ;-)

    Be strong.. you are pefrfect parents and you have beautifull babys…

    Thank you….


  2. Thank you. No regrets for anything that has happened. Life goes on. We keep making choices. And I am not perfect. Nobody is.

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