Books, books, books

I was originally just passing by the Waterstones bookshop. I was early for my first lesson at the uni, and drizzling rain outside made me to enter the warm and colourful interior and I started to admire the book covers and opening some of the books, having a peek inside. Wondering through the store is especially awarding if you discover there is an upstairs in this little Greenwich gem of a house, that you can easily get lost in, and a hidden Cafe in the corner with comfy sofas and great views. 

Some twenty minutes later I could be seen at the cashier downstairs paying whats half of my daily wages for those four beauties:

One is a Christmas present for Samuel (it comes handy to know how to survive, right?), although he’s currently into Harry Potter. The rest is mine.

Yes we do have an access to a large and well-equipped library at uni but I just wanted to have those, they are beautifully done. The plan obviously is to read them too! (at some point) 😉 

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