Project 1 – Branik

A small one bedroom flat on a ground floor, in a old brick building.

A tenant of two years have moved out and the flat needed deep cleaning,  decorating throughout and some refurbishing.


The old sofa was out, doors to the kitchen cupboards got a new paint and tired peachy wall in the bedroom became shiny white.


After the sofa was gone to the skip, the wall in the sitting room called for a new paint. With the first layer of white plaster in the corner went out. Dump, unventilated area blocked by the wooden sofa back needed some attention and TLC. Chemical treatment, plastering a all re-painted.


In the meanwhile, a peachy wall in the bedroom become white and then grey. While plastering the sitting room I decided to fill the holes and uneven surfaces on the bedroom wall and eventually change the grey to purple which matched the feature wall painting.


Walls in the living room couldn’t be painted white because the ceiling would appear yellowish compared to them and I didn’t have time and intention doing the ceiling. Therefore I’ve chosen a greyish shade again, this time more natural, sort of “old sandstone in the shadow” shade, and painted the walls into the two thirds of height.


I laid the new beige carpets throughout (with a little help), and replaced the curtains in both rooms. Painted and installed a shelve in the bathroom and changed the toilet seat. Few decorative objects were added (including one beautiful old rug), scented candles lit and suddenly there was a homely feeling to it. I was really pleased with the results, color scheme and materials. This interior is a mixture of antique furniture (the old chest, sewing machine, a kitchen table) with a modern touch (glass mosaic) and recycled objects (metal kitchen cupboards, small wooden coffee/tea table).

2 thoughts on “Project 1 – Branik

  1. Nechceš mi taky pomoc s bytem? :-) budu muset nacpat dočasně všechny tři děti do jednoho pokoje… Předělat komplet všechno…

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