hooked on freecycling

Some time ago, a friend of mine mentioned a freecycling website, as a source of things given for free, in a conversation where we’ve exchanged tips for our favourite Charity shops and websites like Ebay and Gumtree. “There are interesting things sometimes” she sounded convincing, her voice was full of excitement.

I’ve done my research some time ago but I couldn’t get familiar with the group and it’s system, and I got the impression that most of the things that people were trying to get rid of were rubbish and there was far more “WANTED” then “OFFER” messages.

But few months on since the conversation, I changed my perspective and I am hooked up! Not only I think the idea is brilliant: local communities offer each other stuff they no longer want or need,  I love the social aspect too!

I love the trips by the car to the new places, they are my small adventures. A printed map or email with details and here I go, discovering my neighbourhood.

Is it a posh street? A nice house? What will the people look like? I am trying to make a connection between their names, the place they live and the items they’re offering. I am observing things and enjoying it.

So far, I have given away our very large suitcase which went with us to Nigeria and back, and then couldn’t fit in our flat, I’ve departed with a broken table lamp, broken Panasonic Lumix camera and I have acquired some children’s toys and children’s clothes. They all were lovely and made a great addition to our household. I also got a hand stainless steel juice maker which kids love using (and I’d never thought of buying one)

I’ve put down bids for a garden shed and garden furniture(that I was going to give to my above mentioned friend with garden who’s not always on a computer as I am) but I wasn’t successful. I also didn’t get an inflatable rubber rowing boat, which I was going to take with me to Czech republic and teach my son to paddle on a small pond near my dads cottage.

But I did get a role of wallpaper that I have used at children’s art workshops and the remaining donated to my son’s school (they ALWAYS do some artwork so I figured out they’ll be able to use it).

I went to see offcuts of travertine tiles on one day, I’ve pictured them as a natural beautiful stone that travertine is, and although I didn’t immediately know what to do with them, I was going to find a use for them. Unfortunately they turned out looking like an ordinary ceramic tiles, the travertine was filled and polished and they were impossibly heavy so I said Thank you and with Sorry  and smile left them there with they owner.

The traffic on my way home was terrible and the big roundabout in Lewisham was a killer. But then the sun turned red and sky pink and I turned the music in my cd player loud and opened the roof window and felt happy and content.  Nevermind the tiles!

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