X Factor

Can’t believe Rachel is gone and Jedward’s on the rise


But that shows in a nutshell what the show is all about. I was moaning last year about public common sense in a article about Big Brother but this time it turns everything upside down. Good singers are leaving the singing competition and who’s staying? Couple of freaks. ‘Tone deaf’ twins. What on the Earth is it? The Easerhead hairdo? Ignorance is a bliss but there has to be more!

I genuinely believe that huge number of votes they’re getting comes from people who just want to wind up Simon.  He’s been shown on tv screens repeatedly saying that if they win he’s leaving the country. Taking the first flight. Now isn’t THAT a challenge? Simon Cowell, the hero of reality shows (Pop Idol, American Idol, The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent), television producer and entrepreneur, executor of a recording company. Did he really mean it? I believe so. What’s happening here anyway? People loosing taste for good things, wanting to be entertained in silly and shallow ways or is it because public doesn’t really give a sh*t? Maybe they could reveal HOW MANY votes did contestants actually got so we can get into the picture. Few crazzy fans. Real people cannot be bothered, they’ve got other things to do then spending money on 0845… calls. All they do is moan 5minuts after they switch off their TV. That would make sense. That would make me happy again.

Give us the numbers!:D


5 thoughts on “X Factor

  1. I went into watching some of the videos on youtube after reading your post here. As it seems to me, Rachel was too good a singer but too bad an entertainer for the show… It´s called X-factor, maybe it´s just it she missed. The X factor. Her voice was good, her intonation flawless – but what else? When I listened to her I could close my eyes and imagine Tina Turner. Maybe that was the problem with her – she sounded like Turner, but lacked her tenderness; she sounded like Anastacia, but without her drive. Too much "like", which is bad, and too much of "but without", which is even worse. She seemed just like any other black female singer, another sheep in the flock. I agree that the Dublin twins are tremendously annoying, but you must agree that they are unique. Maybe that´s what people want – not to hear (it borders with masochism) – but to amuse themselves.

  2. I dont like this year’s X factor too much.. it’s all about game plan from the judges… Simon is fake and doesnt stand by his work. he hated John and Edward and yet, he let the public to decide tonight and they stayed in the competition.. it’s not about talent at all….. i’m disappointed :o(

  3. Exactly! I was so shocked yesterday when he had the chance to send them home and he decided not to! Even though I don’t think Lucy was excellent, her performance was hundred times better! My hubby was laughing when I got excited and shouted in front of tv….LOL There are rumors that Simon actually fancy them and want them to win and all the badmouthing was just a pretending. Its all about money at the end of the day isnt it? I should have watch a good movie instead!

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