It made my day

Do you also JUST LOVE the fact you WERE RIGHT???

From: (me)
Sent: 20 August 2008 09:28
To: IND Public Enquiries
Subject: Query re. Au-pair scheme

Dear Sirs,

I recently came across discussion regarding ‘abusing’ Au-pair scheme. Within our community of Czech mums, residing in UK, having kids, is few of us who heard stories about young Czech girls who came to UK as an au-pair, to live in with the family, do some housework, help with childcare, get their pocket money and opportunity to learn English (attend college). Their duties vary.

On your website is ‘general rule’ saying that the maximum should be 5 working hours a day + 2 days off a week.

Now my question is: What about if the family requires more hours a day, makes it clear from the beginning and the girl agrees? If the conditions are met and accepted from both sides? Is it breaking the law?
I would very much appreciate your advise on that.
With kind regards (me)  

From: IND Public Enquiries []
Sent: 21 August 2008 20:12
To: (me)
Subject: RE: Query re. Au-pair scheme

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your enquiry.

*       An "au pair" should be free to attend religious services as well as language classes if he wishes;
*       He should have free board and lodging and the use of his own room;
*       He may also be expected to baby-sit for up to two nights a week; and
*       The "reasonable allowance" should be up to £55 a week. Any sum significantly in excess of this might suggest that the person is filling the position of domestic servant, or similar, which would require a work permit.
*       A letter from the host family confirming the placement and describing the arrangements, e.g. details of the host, family duties, pocket money and arrangements for study, should normally be requested.

 NOTE: "Au Pair Plus" arrangements may involve more than 25 hours helping about the home. This is not suitable for au pairs who are in the UK under the au pair scheme as it exceeds the requirements of the Rules.Yours sincerely faithfully,

Yours faithfully,

Antony Fernandes
Immigration Group
UK Border Agency  

—–Original Message—–
From: (me)
Sent: 02 September 2008 16:55
To: IND Public Enquiries
Subject: RE: Query re. Au-pair scheme

Dear Madam/Sir,

Thank you for your reply, however, it didn’t answer my question.
I know the standards for ‘au-pair’ and ‘au-pair +’ , which are easy to be find not only on your website.
My question was: If the person, who intend to come and live with the family (she’s from EU country so she doesn’t require work permit), agrees on conditions which exceed these standards (e.g. the recommended working hours or agrees to share a room)  does it mean that the host family is abusing her/breaking the law/doing something illegal?

Also: does Au-pair need to be registered under WRS?

I’d very much appreciate your advice on the issue

With kind regards(me)

From: IND Public Enquiries []
Sent: Thu 9/4/2008 8:09 PM
To: (me)
Subject: RE: Query re. Au-pair scheme

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Please be advised that, if an EU national came in to the UK to work as an Au-pair, they are not subject to the Immigration rules and are not restricted in what work they take and how many hours that they wish to work.

Please note that that the following countries joined the EU on the 1st May 2004:

Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Malta, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and they are required to register with the Workers Registration Scheme once they find work.

Information about applying for a Worker’s Registration Certificate is published on the Border & Immigration Agency website at:

Yours Faithfully,

Wayne Fairweather
Immigration Group
UK Border Agency 

10 thoughts on “It made my day

  1. I am sure you LOVE this fact :))However, I hope that not only me, but all exploited au-pairs above all will read these information…

  2. ‘this’ particular one? ..?.. My joy (in general) was over the confirmation that someone has accused me of something that proved not to be true.Besides that, do you really know any exploited au-pairs? Or you just don’t doubt there are some?

  3. i dont know anybody who would be FORCED to do work they do not want to do(not from EU anyway)…as I stated in the group discusion I think it is up to mum and au-pair to agree what is required from each of them to be able to work or live together in one household. There is possiblity that the agreed conditions might not be as easy to live by as it seemed, so as you and your au-pair did…split and everybody goes their own way..end of! I dont understand why would somebody think this is (I repeat)slavery!!!that was funny…

  4. that’s why the answer says ‘how many hours the WISH to work’ – because this is free country and you always have other choice (e.g. to go home). My issue was WAS I or WASN’T breaking the law (what law?) by offering non-standard conditions.Someone (many) said: this is not a ‘free market’ you cannot make the rules.But then again: if I’m renting the flat and I ask for unreasonable price nobody will take it. And thats the risk Im taking. So end of story…

  5. Well done Pavla for fighting your cause (you were never in the wrong). Do you girls (Nippa, Pavla) know what happened to the author of the discussion on MSN? Has she left the group?

  6. Leni: pod WRS se registrujou pouze zamestnanci ktery maj regulerni smlouvy, vyplatni listky a platej dane. Jednou uz jsem tady o tom psala, je to podminka toho abys po 12mesicich mel moznost eventuelne zadat o nejaky benefity nebo po 5(myslim) letech permanent residency a (jeste pozdeji) citizenship (pokud by o to dotycny stal).

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