Me on BB

Yesterday’s surprise eviction, last couple days and what is it all about after all?

I’m glad Cat is out, but devastated that Mo was kicked out too!

I stayed glued to TV yesterday night until very late – normally don’t watch Big Brother’s Big Mouth but Davina was sooooo brilliant, I couldn’t stop laughing. She’s got a style and is sooo attractive without an effort. I often compare her with Tereza Pergnerova, who I used to like for her informality and uneasy background, I still think there are similarities and although I don’t watch Czech TV anymore I wish T. didn’t give up and manage some comeback one day.

Cat – so much to take, I wouldn’t be able to connect with that sort of person – I absolutely don’t doubt that this is just the way she is’ – but……boy she would just drive me mad with her naïve desire for happiness and harmony (ok, it’s good to be positive but taken in account this is just the show, there people are NOT your friends and they’ve got all reasons to be miserable and moody – wouldn’t you just give them a break?)

Mo – so cute & cuddly. They called him greedy and lazy, but I loved his snoozing on the sofa and his passion for food. I can imagine most of the time in house IS boring and therefore taking it easy and relaxing seems to be much more sympathetic passing time than constructing plots, being paranoic, hysterical, obsessed or spending most of the time trying to look good in front of cameras.

Besides that he really WAS pretty and what we’re left now with is complete freakshow’ , apart of jolie-lookalike’ Sarah.

I don’t have a favourite anymore, last year I liked Brian from day 1 and was happy for him to win, before that Pete but now?

Darnell just because he’s albino?

Mike just because he’s blind?

This is not a price for needy! Winner should have a charisma, a personality, be entertaining in some sort of way or at least interesting (not annoying) to look at.

But then again – have you watched Dragons Den few days ago? The couple with recycled boxes’. First it looked like the’ll be gone within minutes but they ended up getting offer, just because of their touching life stories. Hm… and that’s bussiness focused show.

I lost hope for public’ common sense long time ago but still find it interesting to learn what the masses’ want (if one can trust the votes at all). So I’ll watch it to the (bitter) end. :)

2 thoughts on “Me on BB

  1. Tak Dragons Den jsem sledovala a souhlas. Partner te zeny mi pripadal creepy a z napadu na zcela recyklovatelne krabicky nakonec ustoupili. “Pobavila” me Deborah – I am really green but this wouldnt bring any money… Taky me rozcililo, ze napad s topenim neprosel, protoze – he was a bit too clever for their liking? A protoze nic nevedi o topeni? Jinak BB jsem vcera jen zahledla, ale zbyla petka je opravdu zoufala. Mimochodem, mela bys psat treba pro The Observer, moc me clanek pobavil!

  2. hele s tim topenim naprosto souhlasim, zabavny bylo jak mu oponoval ‘proc bych si tam nemoh dat proste dve trubky a skirting?’ ‘jaky skirting?’ ‘MDF’ ‘to by nevodilo teplo’.. zacal o teplotnim bridgi a materialech a uplne ho ztratil. Libilo se mi jak byl vtipnej a uprimnej a nedal se zlomit a neklepaly se mu kolena, libilo se mi jak jednal (‘he’s good guy’ – po tom co odesel) – ale taky jsem nepochopila proc mu rekli ‘you don’t need to be here’ kdyz evidentne potreboval prachy na dobrej napad (coz je smysl tyhle show). Taky dobrej typek byl ten co proinvestoval rodicu prachy a oni se ho ptali jestli toho lituje a on ze ne – (‘you scared hell out of me now!’) that was funny and sad. no diky, ja si taky pri psani tohodle pripadala jak sloupek z Now! ale mam uz par anglickejch ctenaru a obcas to budu anglictinou prokladat ;) I jsem planovala jakejsi ‘slovnik’ zabavnejch frazi…uvidime jak bude cas.

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