Project 3 – Bar Stool

The ebay treasure I got few weeks ago got damaged. What now? Hunt for an another or re-do it? I decided for the later.

collage stool

There was an old wooden chopping board sitting in my cupboard for years, inherited after a flatmate. I was somehow hesitating to throw it away, although I hardly used it. It needed really good sanding down. The square edges were cut off for a more suitable curved shape to match the bar table and to make more comfortable sitting.

I got four new screws from ebay (cost of 4pcs 8mm dia was £2.50) as the original ones were not long enough (the plastic seat was only 5mm thick while wood is approx 4cm thick!).

The sanded down, smooth wood was then treated with two layers of varnish.

For extra fun there is some golden dust added under the top coat (which prompted my daughter to make me stand and check my back after she’s seen it!)

When it comes to design there was a small hitch – I didn’t check the position of marks for the holes before drilling so although they WERE in the centre of the seat, they WERE NOT orientated in accordance with the leg rest (which is in fixed position). This turned up by chance to be in favour of sitting in our case but double check before you drill (or cut, as they say!) ;) Good luck!

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