Finding Fish / movie & book

Antwone Fisher was raised in institutions from the moment his single mother gave birth to him in prison. As a foster child, he suffered more than a dozen years of emotional abandonment and physical abuse, until he escaped to a life on the streets. In 1977, he enlisted in the United States Navy, where he remained for the next eleven years. During that time he became an artist, poet and storyteller.


Fisher is the author of the New York Times bestseller "Finding Fish."


He is also the screenwriter of the film "Antwone Fisher" based on his life and directed by Academy Award winner Denzel Washington.


This was one of the best movies that I’ve seen in last couple months (including Casino Royale – there was only one great scene – the chase on the building site, and point I enjoyed – that the main female character’s boyfriend was Nigerian – that’s why she didn’t fall for Bond..) LOL

But seriously, get the movie, watch it and then tell me if it made you cry too or is it just my hormones?

Kdyz jsem to DVD kupovala (mam zavislost na kupovani ‘previously viewed’/levnejch DVDs) tak mne (krome fotky sypmatickyho neznamyho cernosskyho herce na obalu – Derek Luke) zaujal hlavne fakt ze jde o rezijni debit Denzela Washingtona. Denzel si ‘pridelil’ ve filmu roli psychiatra, ve ktere je opravdu presvedcivy, a pokud se vam hlavni osoby a obsazeni v tomhle prispevku pletou, shrnu to jeste jednou cesky. A. Fisher je ten typek ktery na prvni fotce vypada tak sexy a neoddolatene, prosel si docela drznym detstvim a pubertou a nakonec se z nej stal spisovatel (zatimco slouzil v armade – zvlastni kombinance ale je to fakt). Jeho autobiografie se stala trhakem a (jim sepsany) scenar se dockal zfilmovani. Osobne pocitam ze to v Hollywoodu moc neprorazi (je to citlive a osobni spis nez akcni) ale jde o kvalitni film. Takze asi tak…

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