5 things to do in Prague

This is for L., who is going to Prague and asked me to prepare list of ‘must-see’ places. Since he didn’t provide more details about what he wants to see or what he’s after, I’m offering my own choice of 5things that are not to be missed, rather than ordinary boring turistic stuff (that he probably won’t be able to avoid anyway). Enjoy!


1) Visit Zizkovsky vysilactelevision tower for fascianting panorama of Prague (especially in night)**


2) Go for a beer outdoors: Stanek na Letny (with a view as shown on pix) or Na Parukarce (dogs and kids friendly but you have to be prepared for long queues)


3) Get the feel of alternative scene: NOD (No Dimension) – Café/Club/Gallery/Venue


4) See Prague from Vltava river: pujcova slapadel Zofin island *


5) Take a stroll through Mala Strana (most beautiful historical quarter) in early morning hour (after u spent night clubbing in Wakata or ….***)

* sorry this link is in czech but that was the only site I could find with contacts on WHERE to hire the thing.

** company might be required (contact me, I’ll provide phone No. of English-speaking friends)

*** ‘going out’ tips: Wakata (reggae, hiphop, alternative), Cross (dance, hiphop, reggae), Fraktal (café), Mecca (dance), Roxy (Rock), Radost FX (Rock, Dance)


Other (maybe useful) links: Expats.cz, The Tourist Server , The Prague Post, Prague Travel Guide , Trekearth Galery of Prague pictures

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