speaking about hoodies…

This article really had a point. Knowing Iva as I do, and all the stories with her landlady and her kids, I couldnt help it but I was lauging aloud. I could picture it out in colours. I only wonder what the poor Trinidadian lady would do if she ever happen to read those columns in Fusion magazine . Does she deserve it? Being served as an example of different lifestyle to the newcoming Europeans.

In the other hand, I don’t know how many people is reading this free magazine for other reasons then finding a job. Some might find it handy, some might pick it just because it’s free, but I’m personaly finding it boring and stuffed with advertising.

However, Iva deserves a point this time. LOL




Note bellow (14.8.2006) : ‘Fusion’ link doesn’t work – the magazin has been (after 17numbers or so) closed down. The shame is they didn’t keep the website with discusion forums that have been just created and people were just starting to get used to it and started to build network of contacts.

The reason for shoting it down is apparently that it didn’t make enough money and the owners of TNT (of which Fusion was a branch) decided to cut all of unecessary expenses and put their company on market.

At least thats what I heard.


Note bellow (15.8.2006) the website is back on-line

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